Wireless Update Technology

    E-media News and Information service broadcasts nation-wide 24 hours a day.

  • HEADLINE NEWS about the nation and the world in Real Time!

  • Game Schedule, Games in progress scores, and Final Scores.
  • NASCAR news and standings
  • MARKET INDEXES including highs, lows and current standings
  • WEATHER in major cities with high and low for the day
  • HEALTH HEADLINES from medical journals, CDC, and FDA

E-media provides a painless custom
message update services.

Just FAX or e-mail your message and it shows up on your signs. You never need to learn how to program a sign or design graphics.

Plug it in and Your Connected

E-media Inc. uses Signtel Inc. patented technology to update signs on a nation-wide basis with alpha-numeric paging. Simply power up the sign an it is ready to receive programs, text, graphics and New & Information updates.